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This Agile Planning talk is a shortened version of a full-day course on Agile Estimating and Planning and shows how it is possible to create accurate, reliable yet flexible plans for a software development project. If your management demands impossible deadlines and accurate predictability, if your teams see planning as something to be afraid of and avoided, come to see how your organization break both of these attitudes and cycles.

This Agile Planning talk provides an overview of methods and skills needed for creating plans that lead to reliable decision making. The participants will get the understanding needed for agile release and iteration planning. The participants will learn how to answer the all important questions asked from every development team: “When will we be done?” and “How long will it take to add these features?”

This talk is targeted to people new to agile methods and to people struggling with the difficulties of coming up with reliable plans that support the reliable decision making.

You will learn:

  • What makes planning agile
  • How to estimate the team velocity
  • Ways for coming up with the reliable iteration plans
  • Ways for coming up with the accurate and reliable release plans
  • Techniques for contracting on fixed-scope and fixed-date projects

Тематики: Планирование в Agile


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